You can support Minesahfter Squared in a few ways, just don't forget to support Minecraft / Mojang also!

About Mineshafter Squared

Mineshafter Squared is an authentication and texture proxy for the popular game Minecraft created by Notch of Mojang. It gets in the middle of the game clients and its outbound calls to the minecraft servers. This allows my service to provide its own login system for the game which enables players to try out the game before buying. My authentication service is also online whenever the official Minecraft server's go down. That is not as much a problem anymore, but was very useful in the past.

The proxy also allows me to offer an amazing texture management system that far outshines the official service. Users can upload multiple textures to switch between, discover new textures, and share them with their friends and the community.


Mineshafter Squared is a bit of an odd name, this is because I based my work off of the Original Mineshafter and was trying to be clever. I built the Mineshafter Squared authentication server and website from the ground up myself, I only used the Mineshafter proxy code to help get me started. The creator of Mineshafter, download13, also helped me out along the way. I have changed much of his original code for my own uses, but I would not have been able to make any of this without that bit of help.